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Ginnie Court, Mornington (2004)

Being a Spec Home the demographics for potential purchaser was targeted at a semi retired 50 plus couple having sold the family home, down sizing to a smaller quality home with room to move. The estate which the block was found in was mainly built in the late 80’s early 90’s with project type homes. This block seemed to be still left because of it’s difficult shape and steepness of the site, both of which I found to be an asset to the home design.

The orientation is west to the rear and east facing with the advantage that even though it has a narrow frontage it opens up to the south west allowing us to step the home towards that corner giving more light and space down the north & west sides. The block has a fairly steep grade falling to the front with a reserve to the rear. Having 2 existing houses on each side made positioning to block out the worst features and create private open spaces easier.
The garage had to be a reasonable distance from the front so as the drive would not be to steep, using the distance to the curbside helped as well.

The Design I felt needed to be balanced and proportioned with a different but blending streetscape, a functional open but zoned floor plan not to big with the best possible use of the interesting block shape and views. Because budget is always a consideration I chose to go with a pavilion type concept that we have fully developed, with construction details and method. A combination of Eco-Ply and expressed eave rafters were used to lighten, & brushed block work was used to strengthen the appearance.

Using the large pavilion with the smaller pavilions off it gives us a wonderful concept that we can almost fit to any block or floor plan. The pavilions in this case consists of a main living area with a top hat highlight over. This acts as a light shaft and ventilation which enables the kitchen to be centralized giving an open plan layout to the living areas. A bedroom come study with direct access to the bathroom toilet area, which has been separated so it can be used as a en-suite – bath/shower – toilet.

Extra space can be found by pushing out beyond the pitching lines with a low pitched parapet Tremco membrane roof. This gives the basic classic shape a harder more contemporary line. In this case to create a wider lounge and laundry rear pavilion connection which has been stepped up the block, and consists of a multi purpose room, bedroom and stairwell, with the master bedroom, Wir ,en-suite and private deck above to take advantage of the extended view.

The front pavilion is the garage using a stepped deck to the front entrance. This allowed the main pavilion to be set high enough so as when standing in the kitchen you could see over the higher rear fence to the reserve, creating a private secluded paved outdoor area.

The house has been sold to a couple who fit the demographics and echo the concept behind the design.


This is an Award winning home