How to get your likes onto a plan

Want a home that suits you and is a reflection of whom you are?

How to get your likes onto a plan

You want a new home, have either built or owned before or you simply want a new home that suits you and is a reflection of whom you are.

But you are not quite sure about how to get your likes onto a plan, which not only has the technical needs but fits your unusual block and above all reflects the feel you would enjoy in your new home.

You are extremely tentative because you are about to spend possibly the most money you have spent, over the longest transaction time with someone you don’t really know.


Where do we start:

As there is no display home or existing plan to modify as you truly want to explore a custom home that works on your different block.

This could be finding an architect or a Building Designer that you believe can deliver what you are looking for and both would possibly be able to create what you are looking for but unfortunately if you don’t like the Design or the cost is going to be great or you simply do not like the practitioner remember the “Longest transaction bit” then you have paid a considerable amount of the budget to find this out, and even if you do like the design, the tender prices received back are greater than the initial estimate and you have paid out even more of your budget to find this out.

Possible Solutions:

This is not a fit all solution however it is a difference -try a Design-Construct company.

Graeme Alexander Homes PL is in partnership with you means you supply all the technical needs in a wish list , and all the feel stuff in the form of a scrap book plus all your block info.

We will then create some design lines and a layout plan at no cost, you will have been and seen our projects tabled to past clients etc and if you do not like the idea’s or the estimated cost you can simply walk away.

However if you feel comfortable in the idea’s , estimate and have the confidence that we can deliver-remember “with the person whom you do not know” then we can move forward together through the more maze of regulations and planning issues, structural details -finish selections and then finally the easy bit to the build and what better than the same company that has grown with your ideas and really understands the design and especially the feel of your new home.

What’s more we get our remuneration from the build not the Design & Drawings.

Together we achieve your dream.

From our first meeting to the time your dream is realised, we are with you, all the way.