Mornington – Victoria

With classic contemporary lines, this home fulfilled the vision of the clients.

Mornington – Victoria

The perfect home should not only astound you with its beauty but it should also accommodate your unique lifestlye. This could not be truer for this home. The owners, a retied couple, had previously lived on a large farmlet and fell in love with the tranquil and picturesque site five years ago purchasing the land then with the intention to one day build their dream home. 

As the new home would be a dramatic downsize for the couple, ensuring the design didn’t feel small was very important. The owners also have a considerable number of hobbiesm so a large workshop close in scale to a small factory, with high ceilings for hoists and an area large enough to fit their hobbies, was also desired. The personal requests of the homeowners were important and, with these elements in mind, a modern, yet cosy home was constructed on the hilly site, taking full advantage of the sloping block and marvellous views over the Mornington township, harbour and bay.

Classic contemporary lines coupled with a neatural colour palette and timber and stone detailing create an inviting entrance to the home which continues into the interior. A glass facade and walk-up entrance garage add a sense of luxary to the intial impression of the home. A large, open-plan kitchen/living/dining/alfresco area comprises the main space in the home and makes the interior feel grand and spacious. Tall ceilings and large windows add to this effect; however, the beautiful timber floorboards and selection of soft, textured furniture and furnishings offer the comfort and warmth that the owners were used to. On this first floor are also a bedroom, bathroom and study while another loft-style study is tucked away on another floor above. 

While simple finishes, interesting rooflines and windows help disguise the workshop beneath the main living area, this is where the couple spend most of their time, with two spare bedrooms, a lounge area, bathroom, storerooms and a cellar also located on the ground floor. Without a doubt this home fulfills the vision of the clients who could not be more thrilled with their incredible new place to call home.

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